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chel: 1st floor,no.51,fu cheng ao, ping hu veng SuvwI', shengzhen veng, guangdong province, jungwoq.

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phone Signal Scramblers

range 8 ghom Adjustable 3_g 4_g cell phone Jammer je wifi Features ■8 antennas 2_g 3 4 g g 'ej wifi signals ■18w jen HoS jamming ■working woDDI' 40 meters ■designed je adjustable buttons, jam chuq laH Hergh wuq SoH je ■cooling pat enables ghom jam Se'.

Product Details

8 ghom Adjustable 3_g 4_g cell phone Jammer wifi


signals ■8 antennas 2 g 3_g 4_g wifi 'ej

■18w qach'a' HoS jamming

Da'elDI' 40 meters range ■working

Qo'noS ■designed je adjustable buttons, jam chuq jam Se' ghom 'ej laH Hergh wuq SoH

jammer je working QaQ pu'maj 24 ghap 7 nonstop working ngoQ 'ej enables ■cooling pat.


■affected Se' Ranges:

-cdma: 851-894 mhz

-gsm: 925-960 mhz

-dcs: 1805-1880 mhz

-pcs: 1930-1990 mhz

-3 g: 2110-2170 mhz

-4 g lte:(usa:725-770mhz) pagh (europe: 790-826 mhz).

-4 g wimax:(usa:2345-2400mhz) pagh (europe: 2620-2690 mhz).

-wifi: 2400-2500 mhz

HoS output ■total: 18w

■jamming range: woDDI' 40 m, reH depends jam radius on the strength of signal pa' yoS nob

■external omni-directional antennas yuvtlhe' Hoch tx Se' tInwI' link neH

■power supply: 50 60 hz, 100 240v ac

■with ac adapter (ac100-240v-dc12v)

■dimension: 370 x 140 x 51 mm

■weight: 6.0 kg

package 'a ghIH

■high HoS Jammer

■ac adaptor

■car adaptor

■antenna * 8

product Reviews:

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4. jammer vImuSHa' chugh vaj biHegh swiveling qem vaqwI' convenience!

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